Our Wish List

We have many wonderful projects in motion!  If you are inclined to donate items towards our ongoing growth, we're presently in search of the following things ... 

Stones & Crystals 

(small, medium & large - to help build labyrinth and other things)

Beeswax Candles

Lighters and Snuffers

Solar Powered Patio Lights

Battery Operated Candles

Fairy Lights

Park Bench

Stacking Lawn Chairs


Large Outdoor Water Fountain 

Big Outdoor Patio Heater

Cast Iron Hanging Cooking Cauldron

Cast Iron Cooking Grill

Cast Iron Tripod

Yoga Mats


(for movement, yoga, mediation)

Meditation Cushions


Sacred Sound Healing Instruments

Metaphysical based outdoor decor 

(statues, faerie doors, prayer flags, etc.)

Wood Chipper

Garden Tools

Concrete Bench

Expert Consultations (Well Knowledge, Tree Knowledge, Composting Toilet Knowledge, Water Filter Knowledge)

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